This is Alexander Boyd's website. Alex is frequently known online as javawizard2539, javawizard, or jcp. There's not much to see here at the moment. Email me at alex@opengroove.org or javawizard@trivergia.com with any questions. Or you can check out my blog here. I'll have more stuff up here soon. And yeah, I can't really decide whether I'm writing this in first-person or third-person, so just take it as a fact that I'm going to be randomly switching between the two.

I used to have a list of my favorite quotes up here. I'm currently dealing with a corrupted database, however, so the quotes list isn't functional right now.

This website runs on phenoxydine, spiro, and aster, three servers in Alex's basement. There's a photo of phenoxydine here. Spiro and aster are located to the lower left of that picture, out of sight. I'll get pictures of them up soon.

This was formerly the home of the OpenGroove project, hence the website name. OpenGroove was created a couple of years back by Alex. OpenGroove itself has since been discontinued as a result of Google Wave coming out; Alex now uses OpenGroove as an umbrella organization for many of the projects he writes, such as Android apps. The old OpenGroove website is still available here.